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What to Expect at the Self Care Fair

The following information will be emailed to you during the week before the Fair—however, because our emails often wind up in spam filters, or get hidden in Gmail's "Promotions" tab*, we've included it here for extra reference.

What to Bring

If you registered for a hands-on class, bring your massage table, linens, and a pillow.


Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing, avoid scented lotions and perfume, and bring an umbrella just in case. :-)

Lunch is provided; see details below.

How to Get Here


The Self Care Fair is being held on the campus of Highline College in Des Moines, Washington (roughly 15 minutes south of Seattle).


For directions and parking details, click here >

Free parking awaits you within walking distance of classes—so you won't have too far to bring your massage table and linens, etc. for any classes that require it.




Registration / check-in starts at 7:30 am for all those taking 8:00 am classes. We typically close the registration desk between 9:30 and 10:00 am (the last morning class starts at 10:30 am).


You'll find registration in the main Student Union Building 8, on the upper level (the door closest to the East Parking Lot -- just follow our Self Care Fair signs). During check-in, you'll receive:

  • Swag Bag of gifts

  • Name tag

  • YOUR CLASS LIST:  on a yellow sheet of paper titled "Agenda" 

  • EVENT PROGRAM: a white tri-fold document listing class locations, times, and activities​

  • VENDOR CHECKLIST RAFFLE:  on a blue sheet of paper (more on that below)



Your yellow "Agenda" form (found inside your registration packet) lists the classes you signed up for. Please do NOT switch classes on the day of the Fair—each instructor has already prepared your CE Certificates. Class changes cause confusion and make more work for all of us.


Your white tri-fold "Event Program" (found inside your registration packet) is the best way to know where to go, what to do, and what time everything is happening. It includes a Campus Map for orientation.


Student Union Building 8 (the same building where you checked in) is the main hub of the event: this is where you'll find all of our vendors, treatment demos, and the lunch buffet. 

Classes are held in various surrounding buildings; class times and locations are listed alphabetically in your tri-fold Event Program.

Attn: Students and Teachers...


For those of you enrolled under our Special Student Track, simply show us your ID (or proof of current classes) to receive your refund in cash upon check-in.


After that, consult the Event Program to find classes you want to visit—you have "observational access" to ALL classes (except CPR). When you enter a class, your name tag will feature a bright green round sticker so that our instructors can recognize you.

Please be sure to 1) enter each classroom quietly; 2) be willing to stand along the edges if no seats are available; 3) understand you can only observe (no hands-on participation); and 4) exit quietly if you wish to leave before the class is over. And be sure to join us for the special "Students Ask the Experts" Discussion Panel from 3-5pm, where you'll get a special gift bag (in addition to the entry swag bag!). Check your Event Program for the location.

In between classes, enjoy our free demo treatments, vendor room, and lunch too!

CE Certificates and Class Hand-outs

Your instructor will provide CE Certificate(s) after class--PLEASE REMEMBER TO PICK IT UP AFTER CLASS--we do not collect unclaimed certificates so we can't send forgotten certificates to you.

The same is true of any hand-out materials: we do not have copies of hand-outs, so if you forgot your copy or want extras, email your instructor directly.


From Noon to 1:30 pm, lunch will be provided in the main Student Union Building 8, and will feature a buffet taco bar, complete with soy crumble, beans and rice for vegetarian / vegan diets. During the afternoon, cookies and water will be provided in each classroom building. 


In addition to various raffles being conducted by our vendors, inside your registration packet you'll find a blue paper titled “Vendor Checklist Raffle.” Use this sheet while visiting each of our vendors / demos to have them sign or stamp your checklist.

When you have completed all the lines, take the Checklist to the Ascend CE table (in the Student Union Building) to be entered into a drawing for our Grand Prize. Please don't forget to write your name and contact info on the checklist, so we can notify you if you're the winner.

*Gmail's "Promotions" Tab

If you are using a Gmail address, you may not be getting all of our emails. Here's why:


Gmail has 3 filters set up for incoming emails: Primary, Social, and Promotions. Our emails often get routed into the "Promotions" tab—without your knowing it. To make matters worse, Gmail doesn't show the Promotions tab on a phone... it only shows you the "Primary" tab!

In order to see our emails about the Fair, here's what you need to do:


  1. Log into Gmail from a computer (not your phone).

  2. Locate those three tabs at the top of your Gmail account.

  3. If you find one of our emails in there, pull it over to the Primary tab.

This should hopefully make Gmail recognize that you really DO want our emails. But it never hurts to check, especially during the week prior to the Fair, when we send out our "Everything You Need to Know About the Self Care Fair" message. (And if all else fails, check your Junk folder... sometimes we end up there too.) :-)

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us below!

Click the orange button at left to sign up for email alerts about Self Care Fair 2021 (along with monthly CEU class notices).

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