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Continuing Education at the Self Care Fair

Here's how Self Care Fair classes work:

When you register for the fair on our separate registration website, you'll have the opportunity to select which classes you wish to take on the day of the Fair. Details:


  • Attendees typically take one class in the morning, and one in the afternoon (some classes are shorter and may allow you to take two back-to-back classes in the morning or afternoon).

  • Classes range from 1-1/2 to 4 hours in length, depending on the topic.

  • All classes break between Noon and 2pm for lunch / demos / vendor time.

  • With exception to the CPR/First Aid class, the cost of all classes is included in your registration fee (the CPR class requires an extra fee for the card).

  • One CEU will be granted for each hour of class (not applicable to non-CEU classes); instructors will provide certificates at the end of class.

  • Some classes are held only once, others have a morning and an afternoon option.

  • All classes are first come, first served. Because popular classes sell out fast, we encourage you to register and choose your preferred classes as soon as possible. 

  • If you change your mind about a class, please remove the class from your registration by logging back into the registration website—this allows someone else to fill your vacated seat.

  • Please do not change classes on the day of the Fair. Instructors have already prepared your CE Certificate; making changes causes confusion and more work for us all.

Students and Current Massage School Instructors:

  • You DO need to register.

  • You do NOT need to select any classes—your $10 entry fee (refundable at the door) grants you walk-in *observational access* to ALL classes (except CPR)—except... 

  • You DO want to select the Discussion Panel option that we've tailored just for you! 

If you wish to *participate* in a class, due to limited space, you would need to pay the full / general registration price.

How it works

The following classes were offered at Self Care Fair 2020 

Class descriptions were provided on the registration site.

  • Massage for the Medically Complex, Part 1 (morning), by Veronica Hildebrand, LMT, Oncology Speciality NCBTMB, S40M

  • Practical Massage Techniques for the Medically Complex, Part 2 (afternoon; morning class is required to take this second part), by Veronica Hildebrand, LMT, Oncology Speciality NCBTMB, S40M

  • Intro to Evidence-Informed Clinical Cupping (morning), by Heather Kew, RMT

  • Clinical Cupping for Self Care (afternoon), by Heather Kew, RMT

  • Massage Therapist's Introduction to Pharmacology (morning), by Ruth Werner, BCTMB

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder, with Ligament Stimulation (morning or afternoon), by JoAnn Kovaly, LMT, NCPT

  • Treating Hand Neuropathy with AIS (all day class), by Joshua Morton, LMT, MAISS, MMLT

  • Identifying Neuromuscular Connections by Touching Hands (morning or afternoon), by Nancy Haller, MA, GCFP, BCMTB, LMTC

  • Geriatric Massage Techniques for Seniors (morning or afternoon), by Sheila Alexander, LMBT

  • Kinesiology Taping Redefined: Taping Movement, Not Muscle (morning or afternoon), by Stacy Thomas, LMT

  • Meridian Reflexology for the LMT (morning or afternoon), by Tianne Curtiss, LMT, CR

  • Animal Massage and Acupressure (morning), by Lola J. Michelin, LMT, LAMP, SAMP

  • Herpes and Hep and Flu—OH MY! Public Health Issues for Massage Therapists (afternoon), by Ruth Werner, BCTMB

  • Access Bars Therapy (morning), by Joy Bird Wilson, LMP, BP, BF

  • Get Your Happy On Using Access Bars Tools (afternoon), by Michelle Fusman

  • Introduction to Touch for PTSD Trauma (morning or afternoon) by Kimberly Reaves, CNHP, CHHC, LMT 

  • Multi-Layer Treatment for Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Extremity Pain (morning), by Jeffrey Forman, PhD

  • Intro to Thai Massage on the Table (morning), by Kay Rynerson, LMT, RTT

  • Thumbs-Free Massage: Foot Intensive (afternoon), by Kay Rynerson, LMT, RTT

  • History of Massage: Evolution of Body Rollers (early morning), by Judy Calvert, NCBTMB #46 

  • History of Massage: Evolution of Vibrators and Vibrating Machines (mid morning), by Judy Calvert, NCBTMB #46 

  • Grow Your Practice with Electronic Health Records (morning), by Diana Thompson, LMT

  • Who is This Person on Your Table? (morning or afternoon) by Taya Countryman, LMT

  • Hot DNM Pillossage for Pain Relief and Self Care (morning), by Jason Erickson, BCTMB, CPT, BBA, BA

  • Career Longevity through Injury Prevention (afternoon), by Teresa M. Matthews, LMT, CPT, BCTMB

  • Using Cannabis Products in Massage Therapy (morning or afternoon), by Heidi DeAndrade, LMT


Non-CEU Credit Classes:

  • CPR and First Aid Certification or Re-Certification (morning or afternoon), by Brian Kane

  • Personal Injury Cases: How to get paid for what you do (morning), by the attorneys at Adler Giersch 

  • Personal Injury Cases: Effectively Charting Treatment (afternoon), by the attorneys at Adler Giersch 

Class List
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